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Mike Marich
U17 Head Coach, U14 Co-Head Coach
216-926-9160 (C)
Mike Bio

Kia Zolgharnain
U15 Head Coach, U19 Co-Head Coach
330-351-9197 (C)
Kia Bio

Everett Palache
Staff Coach
Everett Bio

Mike Payne
U12 Co-Head Coach
Mike Bio

Ger Coppinger
Goalkeeper Coach
Ger Bio

George Nanchoff
Staff Coach
216-780-2100 (C)
George Bio

Oliver Slawson
U14 Co-Head Coach
330-329-9804 (C)
Oliver Bio

Ryan Osborne
U13 Head Coach
330-979-1624 (C)
Ryan Bio

Pat Sweeney
U12 Co-Head Coach, U19 Co-Head Coach
440-479-9061 (C)
Pat Bio

Carl Contrascier
Goalkeeper Coach
Carl Bio

Kiyo Ichikawa
Staff Coach
Kiyo Bio


Mailing Address:
5110 Corkwood Dr
North Royalton, Ohio

Force Soccer Shoppe
5409 Pearl Rd, Parma
Home Page

Mike Marich
Academy Director
216-926-9160 (C)

Kia Zolgharnain
Director of Coaching
330-351-9197 (C)

Greg Abrams
ISC Financials

Michelle Shaeffer
ISC Financials

Rick Minick
9060 Wildwood Dr
North Royalton, OH 44133
440-503-5641 (C)

"He never wears a watch because time is always on his side"
"His shadow has made the Best Dressed List twice""
"He is the life of parties he has never attended"

Shannon Strachan
Golf Outing

Neann Seaman
Game Video, Event Logistics, Online Profiles

Manny Economos

Kevin Ruffer
Trip Advisor - "On the Road Again"

Darla Schmeider
Team/Individual Pictures, Summary Profiles

Team Liaisons
(Center Table, Trip Assistance)
U19 - Cort Hollett,
U17 - Neann Seaman,
U15 - Jen Monastra,
U14 - Andrea Klein,
U13 - Alisa Kolar,
U12 - Neann Seaman,

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