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USSDA - Most competitive youth league in the country.

USSDA - Same training program as used by the U.S. National Teams.

USSDA - Where college coaches look first to recruit players.


Pinnacle Sports, 313 Medina Road, Medina, OH

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Twitter:  USSDA_Cleveland

Facebook:  USSDA_Cleveland


Trip Itineraries

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Our plans will always try to include:
Meals 3 hours prior to gametime
Arrival 1.5 hours prior to gametime

Road Colors - Blue on Saturday, White on Sunday (unless specified otherwise)
Home Colors - White on Saturday, Blue on Sunday (unless specified otherwise)

U13/U14 Central Region Event
October 14-16, Grand Park, Westfield, IN

U13 Puma Supergroup
November 22-27, Disney World

U16/U18 Winter Showcase, December 1-5
Premier Sports Campus, Lakewood Ranch, FL
U18 game dates - December 1, 2, 4
U16 game dates - December 2, 3, 5

U12/U13 Futsal Event 
February 11-12, Indianapolis

U14 Summer Showcase
U16/U18 Playoffs/Summer Showcase
June 23-29, Grand Park, Westfield, IN

Minneapolis Itinerary  9/16-18

Springhill Suites
5901 Wayzata Blvd
St Louis Park, Minn
Friday night 9/16 - Sunday 9/18
Rick Minick will handle all hotel arrangements

Roster Pool
Asensio, Beattie, Brown K, Cervino, Comer
Dougherty, Dubois C, Dubois D, Farver
Hollet, Jackson, Jones, Kamalov, Kane
Kreiss, Lynn, Malinowski, Medancic
McAvinew, Nageeb, Nauman, Paulus
Raymond, Roseberry, Ruffer, Schmeider
Schmidt, Scott, Seaman, Smith, Strachan
Sweeney, Victor, Wiksell, Winquist, Wright

Airline - Eastside Travel Group
Friday, September 16
Flight - Southwest #618
Leave Cleveland 3:45pm
Arrive Chicago Midway 4:00pm
Flight - Southwest #2867
Leave Chicago Midway 5:25pm
Arrive Minneapolis 6:50pm

Sunday, September 18
Flight - Southwest #4062
Leave Minneapolis 7:10
Arrive Chicago (Midway) 8:35pm
Flight - Southwest #2700
Leave Chicago (Midway) 9:50pm
Arrive Cleveland 11:55pm

Cost is $394.20 per person includes taxes/fees
Need full amount by 8/15
Eastside Travel will handle all airline arrangements
Contact Tony Mello @401-724-3111 x206

Saturday vs Minnesota Thunder
National Sports Center - Away Blue
Stadium Field
1700 105th St. NE
Blaine, Minnesota 55449
Use field link on schedule for directions
U18 - 10:00am
U16 - 12:30pm

Sunday vs Shattuck-St Marys
Sports Complex - Home White
1000 Shumway Ave
Faribault, Minnesota 55021
Use field link on schedule for directions
U18 - 9:00am
U16 - 11:30am

Hotel Rooms - All doubles w/pullout except where noted
Nanchoff, Kia, Minick
Dubois, Dubois, parent
Smith, parent
Asensio, parent
Kane, parent
Raymond, parent
Seaman, parent
Dougherty, parent
Nageeb, parent
Comer, Parent (king w/pullout)
Roseberry, Nauman, Victor
BrownK, Beattie, Medancic
Jones, Wright, Sweeney
Malinowski, Kamalov, Scott
Schmidt, Farver, Kreiss
Strachan, Lynn, Paulus

Transportation (From/To Airport, Games, Meals)
Asensio - All Riders TBD
Kane -
Smith -
Dougherty -
Ruffer -
Schmeider -
Winquist -
Hollett -
Raymond -
Cervino -
Dubois -
Minick -

Stats, Profiles
Rick Minick
Kevin Ruffer

U13/U14 Central Region Event 10/14 - 16

Shannon Strachan will handle all hotel arrangements


Team Hotel Reservations

Grand Park Sports Campus
711 E 191st St
Westfield, IN


Detroit #1 Itinerary 10/29

Saturday, October 29

Player Cost - 

U18 Roster

U16 Roster

U14 Roster

U13 Roster

U12 Roster

Chicago Itinerary 11/4-6

Player Cost - 

U18 Roster / Room Assignments 

U16 Roster / Room Assignments

U14 Roster / Room Assignments

Coaches Room
Adult Rooms

Friday, November 4

4:30pm EST  Load 
Pinnacle Sports Complex
313 Medina Rd
Medina, OH

5:00pm EST  Depart for Chicago

Saturday, November 5

Sunday, November 6

Volunteers (stats, profiles)

U13 Puma SuperGroup 11/22 - 27

Bahama Bay Resort
400 Gran Bahama Blvd
Davenport, Florida
Shannon Strachan will handle all hotel arrangements

Abrams, Backhaus, BrownM, Crayton, Cusick
Evans, Heitman, Kerekes, Monastra, Murillo
SarverJ, SarverS, Stephens, Tartaglia, Torres
Villa, Wolf

Team Hotel Reservations
Reservations must be made through Anthony Travel

ESPN Wide World of Sports
700 Victory Way
Orlando, FL


November 23 - Super Group game

November 24 - Super Group game

November 25 - Player Clinics

November 26 - Super Group game

November 27 - Super Group Finals

U16/U18 Winter Showcase  12/1-5


Fairfield Inn & Suites - Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch
6105 Exchange Way
Bradenton, Fla 
$139/night includes 2 double beds, breakfast
Located one exit South of field
Shannon Strachan will handle all hotel arrangements



Premier Sports Complex
Located on Rt 70/53rd Ave east of I-75 (x217)
5895 Post Blvd, Sarasota, Fla
All Grass fields

December 1
December 2
December 4

December 2
December 3

Hotel Rooms

Transportation (airport, games, meals)

Volunteers (stats, profiles)

U12/U13 Futsal Event

Shannon Strachan will handle all hotel arrangements


Best Choice Fieldhouse
11825 Technology Drive
Fishers, Indiana
Facility link



Detroit #2 Itinerary 5/7

Sunday, May 7

Player Cost - 

U18 Roster

U16 Roster

U14 Roster

U13 Roster

U12 Roster


Summer Showcase 


Shannon Strachan will handle all hotel arrangements

Room Reservations



Grand Park Sports Campus
711 E 191st St
Westfield, Indiana



St Louis Itinerary  4/28 - 30

Player Cost - 

Hotel Rooming List -
U18 (3/room):

U16 (3/room):  

U14 (3/room):

UHybrid (3/room):

Coaches Room

Adult Rooms


Panera Pickup/Olive Garden Pickup, Serve

Friday, April 28

8:30am  Load
Pinnacle Sports Complex
313 Medina Rd
Medina, OH

9:00pm  Depart for St Louis

Saturday, April 29

Sunday, April 30

Chicago/Indiana Itinerary 5/26-28

Player Cost - 

U18 Roster / Room Assignments

U16 Roster / Room Assignments

U14 Roster / Room Assignments

Coaches Room
Adult Rooms

Friday, November 6

5:00pm EST  Load 
Pinnacle Sports Complex
313 Medina Rd
Medina, OH

5:30pm EST  Depart for Chicago

Saturday, November 7

Sunday, November 8

Volunteers (stats, profiles)

Practice Schedule

These times are carved in stone until I have to change them.
Please check back regularly to monitor changes.

Practice uniform will be Blue practice shirt, black shorts, black socks (Training Package)

Practice conflicts should be emailed to respective coaches.

Weather permitting, practices will be scheduled outdoors at Pinnacle whenever possible.

Pinnacle Sports Complex

University of Akron Fieldhouse

CSU - Krenzler Field / Dome

Multiplex Sports Complex

Notre Dame College

Tri-C East Campus

Lost Nation East

FALL - Outdoor

Pre-Season Practice - Full Roster Only

Week of 8/8
Notre Dame College - Stadium Field
6:00-7:15pm (U18/U16)
7:15-8:30pm (U14/U13/U12)

Week of 8/15
Lost Nation East
5:30-7:00pm (U18/U16)
7:00-8:30pm (U14/U13/U12)

U12, U13, U14
Monday, 6:30pm Lost Nation

U16, U18
Tuesday, 5:00pm Lost Nation

Wednesday, Lost Nation

Concussion Testing
Polaris Career Center
7285 Old Oak Blvd, Middleburg Heights
Saturday, August 20
10:00am - U12
11:00am - U13, U14 (L-Z)
12:00pm - U14 (A-K), U16/18 (P-Z)
1:00pm - U16/18 (A-O)

Official Practices 

August 22 thru  mid-November - All Pinnacle

Tuesday, Wednesday  5:45 - 7:15pm
Thursday  7:00 - 8:30pm
Friday  7:30 - 9:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday  7:15 - 8:45pm
Thursday  7:00 - 8:30pm
Friday  7:30 - 9:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday  7:15 - 8:45pm
Friday  7:30 - 9:00pm

Monday  7:15 - 8:45pm
Wednesday  7:15 - 8:45pm
Friday  6:00 - 7:30pm

Friday practices prior to home games and day trips
will be Full roster only.

WINTER - Indoor

University of Akron Fieldhouse
(All 3 teams except when noted)

Cleveland State Dome

Friday 5:00-7:00pm

U14 Futsal -

SPRING - Outdoor

Official Practices - Full and Pre-Academy

March 8 (weather permitting)
thru  June 2 - All Pinnacle





Academy Administration


Overall Academy Site

Overall Academy Schedule

U12 website
U13 website
U14 website
U16 website
U18 website

2014-15 season

2014-15 season

2013-14 season

2012-13 season

2011-12 season

2010-11 season

2009-10 Season

2008-09 Season

2007-08 Season


Mike Marich
Director of Coaching - U16 Head Coach
Head Coach
216-926-9160 (C)
Mike Bio

Kia Zolgharnain
Director of Coaching - U18 Head Coach
Head Coach
330-351-9197 (C)
Kia Bio

Everett Palache
U14 / U13 Head Coach
Everett Bio

Mike Payne
U12 Head Coach

Ger Coppinger
Goalkeeper Coach
Ger Bio

George Nanchoff
Staff Coach
216-780-2100 (C)
George Bio

Oliver Slawson
Staff Coach
330-329-9804 (C)
Oliver Bio

Mailing Address:
5110 Corkwood Dr
North Royalton, Ohio

Force Soccer Shoppe
5409 Pearl Rd, Parma
Home Page

Rick Minick
440-503-5641 (C)
9060 Wildwood Dr
North Royalton, OH 44133
"In a past life he was himself"
"Sharks have a week dedicated to him""
"Presidents take his birthday off"

Shannon Strachan
216-513-8762 (C)
Corner Kick Golf Outing, Game Video,
Event Logistics

Manny Economos

Sue Roseberry
Team/Individual Pictures

Team Liaisons
(Center Table, Trip Coordination)
U18 - Shannon Strachan,  shannon.strachan@yahoo.com
U16 - Neann Manubay-Seaman,  manubayseaman@yahoo.com
U14 - Angela Dollins,  dollinsa@gmail.com
U13 - Jen Monastra,  jenmonastra@sssnet.com
U12 - Andrea Klein,  aklein@centurytel.net

Player Designations

Full Roster

The U14/U16/U18 Full Rosters will consist of players who can only participate on their designated Academy team (or an older age group Academy team if needed), with only 1 exception:  National Team duty.   All Academy team players must forego playing for their high school team as they will participate in a 10 month Academy season.  Each player is assured a 25% minimum start requirement so long as they maintain Internationals Academy standards for training and game availability.

Development Player (DP)
A Development Player is registered with the Academy (uniform required) and can play a maximum of 6 games for his team.  He will participate in all practices but is eligible to play NPL and his high school soccer season. 


NPL players are Internationals Soccer Club players who are training at a high training and competition level working toward future advancement to the Academy either through a Full or Pre-Academy.  They may be asked to participate in leagues other than NPL, tournaments, and State Cup competitions and, individually, choose to play in such organizations as ODP, ID2, and All Star events.  They may also participate in the high school soccer season.  The main thrust, however, will be development and training within a team framework so as to better prepare them for the Development Academy program.

For Internationals, the main focus of teams U13 and above is the National Premier League, a unified, league-based national developmental platform with the highest level of competition in its geographic areas.  Created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape based upon US Club Soccer’s fundamental principles, the NPL extends developmental principals espoused by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy into younger age groups and additional clubs, providing a platform for long-term player development.  It has become the gateway for youth soccer players into the Developmental Academy program.
Internationals is a member of the Midwest Developmental League which includes ONLY USSDA clubs within the Mid-America Division of the Central Conference.  Beginning in 2014, competition within the NPL will include:  Michigan Wolves, Vardar, St Louis Scott Gallagher(2), Minnesota Thunder, Chicago Fire, Magic, and Sockers along with the Columbus Crew and Indiana Fire.

The culminating event each year is the NPL Champions Cup, where national championships are awarded. The NPL Champions Cup features qualifiers from every NPL across the country in a true “champions league” competition.  www.nationalpremierleagues.com

With the training and activities listed above, the NPL player comes well-prepared for the next step in their development - the Internationals Development Academy.


They may be asked to participate in leagues other than NPL, tournaments, and State Cup competitions and, individually, choose to play in such organizations as ODP, ID2, and All Star events.  They may also participate in the high school soccer season.

Locally, and through all age groups, Internationals Club players will play in the Alliance Premier Soccer League which recently joined the US Club Soccer’s Premier Leagues platform, a network of leagues in local, statewide and similar geographic regions for competitive clubs and teams.  Based in Northeast Ohio, teams compete in a divisional format as well as in many tournament competitions.  

The Premier Leagues platform builds on the success of the National Premier Leagues (NPL) and the principle that league-based competition is the primary means for long-term player development and growth of the game.  www.clevelandalliancesoccer.com


Full Roster
Academy Games
Academy training
No outside activities

Development Player (DP)
Academy Games (6 game maximum)
Academy Training
NPL roster
Outside activities (e.g. High School)

NPL roster
Tournaments (e.g. State Cup)
Outside Activities

AASL games
Outside activities

Senior Commitments - 2017

John Nelson (Class of 2018)
University of North Carolina (NC)
Division I

Joe Schmidt
University of Indiana (IN)
Division I

Daniel Strachan
University of Akron (OH)
Division I

Kyle Winquist
Marshall University (WV)
Division I

U18/U16 Full Roster Pool

Full Roster
See Player Designation post

Trey Asensio  39
Dave Beattie  38
Keagan Brown  37
Calvin Brown  36
Owen Cervino  35
Tobias Comer  11
Ryan Dougherty 40
Cory Dubois  34
Donovan Dubois  33
Noah Elbana  32
Keegan Farver  10
Ethan Hackenberg  31
Conner Hollett  30
Will Jackson  29
Rees Jones  28
Emrakh Kamalov  27
Colin Kane  9
Sebastian Kreiss  26
Jake Lynn  25
Nate Malinowski  8
Tom Marusic  24
Corban McAvinew  7
Albert Medancic  6
George Nageeb  23
Noah Nauman  22
John Nelson  5
Jad Oglesby  21
Josef Paulus  20
Jeremy Raymond  0
Andrew Roseberry  19
Kayden Ruffer  18
RC Schmeider  17
Joseph Schmidt  4
Nick Scott  16
Jordan Seaman  15
Patrick Smith  3
Daniel Strachan  2
Andrew Sway  99
Keenan Sweeney  41
Cam Victor  00
Szabi Wiksell  13
Kyle Winquist  1
Jaden Wright  12

U18/U16 DP Roster

Development Player (DP)
See Player Designation post

Ryan Jackson  47
Zach Kumar  46
Seton Tletski  45

Dan Anselmi  56
Colson Brown  55
Zach Bruni  54
Jacob Coman  53
Jonah Maas  52
Sal Milazzo  51
Chase Niskanen  50
Antonio Vitale  49
Ryan Winquist  48

U14 Roster

Full Roster
See Player Designation post

Michael Banyasz  20
Anthony Calleri  19
Matthew Cornelius  18
Owen Dollins  17
Jack Foht  16
Jacob Gangle  15
Quinn Groves  14
Codi Heitman  0
Daniel Ibrahim  13
Conner Lee  12 
Aiden Mendel  11
Matt Mone  10
Nate Nagucki  9
Mike Payne  8
Gavin Rourke  7
Jason Shokalook  6
Max Smoot  5
Nolan Sooy  4
Nicholas Young  3
Noah Zebrak  2

Liaison - Angela Dollins

Development Player (DP)
See Player Designation post

Thomas Ferrara  25
Mason Kaiser  24
Charlie Schenk  23

U13 Roster

Full Roster
See Player Designation post

Jake Abrams  14
Joe Backhaus  1
Max Brown  13
Evan Crayton  16
Kyler Cusik  12
Matthew Fuge  11
Jarrad Kerekes  10
David Kolar  9
Nathan Monastra  8
Angel Murillo  7
Josh Sarver 6
Sam Sarver  5
Levi Stephens  20
Jake Tartaglia  4
Duilio Torres  3
Tommaso Villa  2
Aidan Wolf  15

Liaison - Jen Monastra

Development Player (DP)
See Player Designation post

Ehran Ali  48
Michael Beedles  47
Andrew Ciula  46
Aiden Kane  45
Kyler Krough  44
Mason Niskanen  43
Conrad Potapov  42